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Last updated Monday, 08 August 2022
We do not expect to have puppies available this year
We are not taking a waiting list.

We will update these pages if / when things change.

A few things you need to know.

The first thing is if you had a dog before you have forgotten all of below.
Second no matter how well the parents behave all of below applies.

Yes all puppies look cute whether they are pedigree or the most outlandish mix.
Yes if you buy a pedigree pup you will know what it will grow up to look like.
Yes you will get a pedigree pup registered with Dogs SA from us with papers.
Yes if you buy a Groodle Spoodle etc. you will NOT know what it will grow up to look like.
Yes they take a lot of your time ( but it is worth it  )
Yes they do jump up, they are looking for eye contact.
Yes they will chase young children, especially if the child runs.
Yes they bite (mouth) as their teeth come through.
Yes they dig but with training they will grow out of it.
Yes they NEED training and you can start while they are still a puppy.
Yes they will have accidents inside.
Yes they will grow out of it if you put some effort into it (see above).
Yes they do learn quickly how to train you.
Yes some times they ignore you.
Yes you can train them with food, as a reward but not a bribe.
Yes training takes time, perseverance and patience.
Yes YOU have to do the training, you need to learn how to train your dog.
Yes we highly recommend going to a Dogs SA accredited obedience school to
learn how to train and socialize your pup.
No puppy school at your local vet IS NOT enough training / socializing (see above)

No they are not little people.
No they do not understand long sentences.
Yes all of the above have a solution but you MUST put the work in
and truly it is worth the effort. 

Remember a lick on the face from a cuddly puppy beats all the psychiatrists in the world.


From a previous mating between Abbey's grandmother Blossom and Jaffa,
"Harvey" at one year & Harvey busy "chasing cats".

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