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Below is a list of all state Golden Retriever Clubs
Members of these clubs are breeders of ANKC registered
pure bred pedigree dogs in each state
Not to be confused with a breeder with only a
South Australian DACO breeders number

Golden Retriever Club of S A Inc.

Golden retriever  Club of Queensland

Golden Retriever Club of Victoria

Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc.

Golden Retriever Club of WA

Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania

A list of state bodies for ANKC registered breeders of pedigree dogs
Check with these organizations for ANKC registered Golden breeders

Dogs SA also know as South Australian Canine Association 

Dogs Victoria

Dogs NSW

Dogs WA

Dogs Queensland

Dogs Tasmania


Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc.  
web page f
or puppy, breeder and general information.

Golden Retriever Rescue.
This excellent organization some times
has goldens of various ages available for re homing.

List of recommended obedience clubs in SA.
Find a training club near you, it is very important
that you socialize your dog regardless of breed
in a controlled environment.
using the correct equipment.

Good Dogs SA
This is a great site for general info. and contacts

Caring Canine Companions
This organization take their dogs to visit people in need
of companionship, all types / breeds of dogs are eligible after
a temperament assessment .

Home Planned litters Family photos Useful links